maple bacon onion jam

Three Meat Pumpernickel Meatloaf
with Maple Bacon Onion Jam Glaze

This rich satisfying meatloaf combines the best of sweet and savory. The three meats, ground beef, ground turkey and Italian sausage create a great base for our addictive Jam. The pumpernickel breadcrumbs bring a surprisingly rich flavor layer. Enjoy this meatloaf with lush mash potatoes and a crispy slaw or create a big ole meatloaf sandwich!
by Florence Haridan

a versatile pantry essential

This instant classic is an incredibly versatile spread that makes easy appetizers, deep rich sauces, and unbelievably good sandwiches!


ingredient list

Roasted onions, filtered water, sugar, apples, brown sugar, pectin, cider vinegar, bacon (applewood-smoked pork, water, salt, sugar, cultured celery powder, natural flavor)*, beef base (beef stock, maltodextrin, sea salt, yeast extract, natural flavors, tapioca starch, salt, vegetable stock [carrot, celery, onion stocks], beef fat, xanthan gum, leek juice concentrate, spices), sea salt, citric acid, balsamic vinegar, Merlot wine (contains sulfites), natural bacon flavor, maple syrup, hickory smoke, natural maple flavor. *Free of nitrites & nitrates

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