artichoke garlic

Whole chunks of artichoke hearts, fresh garlic, fresh herbs, and a light pinot grigio wine all combine to create a delicious, savory bread topping with amazing versatility.

spicy sun-dried tomato

Only the best ingredients fill this amazing bread topping! Ohio-grown tomatoes, Ohio-made Dijon mustard, fresh herbs, sun-dried tomatoes, yellow bell peppers, a splash of Chianti wine, and a bit of heat make this a spread to savor!


This is bruschetta pure & simple the classic version hand-crafted with premium, fresh ingredients, including locally-grown tomatoes & fresh basil.

roasted red pepper

A splash of merlot wine gives depth of flavor to our newest bruschetta topping is chock full of hearty roasted red bell peppers, Ohio-grown tomatoes, and fresh basil.