artichoke parmesan with pinot grigio

The aged Parmesan in this dressing makes a delicious topping for fresh greens. The delicate flavor of artichokes underpins a smooth texture, enhanced by a light white wine and fresh basil.

balsamic & olive oil with chianti

We start with extra-virgin olive oil, add a tangy balsamic vinegar, and complete this this classic French vinaigrette with fresh garlic and a touch of stone-ground mustard. This dressing also makes an exceptional marinade.

gorgonzola pear with riesling

Our original dressing, with complex flavors of mild blue cheese and stone-ground mustard, it’s been our best-seller. Similar in texture to a Caesar, this is a smooth, creamy dressing with a sophisticated flavor profile.

roasted garlic with chardonnay

Smooth and creamy, with a rich roasted garlic flavor and a hint of stone-ground mustard. We slow-raost our garlic to a tender sweetness to give this dressing a well-rounded flavor profile.

creamy italian with pinot grigio

Many Italian dressings on the market are gummy, high-fat, or contain an odd combination of dried spices & herbs. Ours is clean, crisp, tangy, and like everything else we make, our ingredient list is healthy!

creamy light french with syrah

This is the world’s first no-sugars-added French dressing! Corn syrup or sugar are the first ingredient in all commercial French dressings; we get sweetness from vegetables instead. One taste & you’ll never go back!

sun-dried tomato with merlot

Light and refreshing, this dressing gets great depth of flavor from the fresh onions we slow-cook to caramelization, preservative-free sun-dried tomatoes, and a locally-made balsamic vinegar. Add some zip to your salad!

athenian greek feta with chardonnay wine

LWe are based in Athens — Ohio, not Greece, but since our hometown was named after Greece, we thought it appropriate to name this dressing after our namesake city. Fresh feta and a delicate blend of flavors = delicious!