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What’s your favorite Vino de Milo product?

“Jonathan, I appreciate the quick response. I shop at both Whole Foods and Hills. In fact, I picked up a jar of fire roasted mushroom after trying a sample at Whole Foods. Being a vegetarian and very “food-particular”, I have not found a tomato-based sauce that has met my dietary restrictions and was “healthy”. Until now, best sauce I have had. Thank you!”

Columbus, OH

“The bruschetta toppings are absolutely amazing and we are going to order more. Better than anywhere we have tasted before!”

Janice Brown
Utica, OH

“I must admit that we sometimes try other sauces, including during a one week trip to Italy. Nothing compares favorably with Vino de Milo!”

Gary and Catherine
Oakland, CA

“I LOVE this stuff! After a long day at work it is nice to be able to whip something up that is quick and easy but tastes like you slaved over it.”

Janice Ulrich
Chagrin Falls, OH

“I have told several of my family members about you and your company and I know that they will also be trying your great products.”

Mike Rericha
Burton, OH

“A few nights ago, everyone went nuts over something that I made with your sauce, and it really cracked me up because they actually believed I spent hours making this thing. Thanks for making it a great weekend.”

Mary and Keith Hoyle
Midland, GA

“I prepared a chicken parmigiana topped with the Pinot Grigio Sauce. It smelled heavenly. Normally, tomato based products tend to be too salty for my taste. Not this. It was perfect. I would serve this to company. I would give this as a gift. I LOVE IT.”

Rene A.
Soldotna, AL

“I want to tell you that the selections from your Open House we gave to various friends and family were VERY well received: people love your sauces!”

Barry Thomas
Athens, OH

“My parents are both diabetic, and finding a food that is both sugar free and tastes good is a sometimes daunting task. Your sauces started a new way of dining for my parents. They no longer lived in a ‘gray’ world.”

Dawn Worley-Sims
Albany, OH

“Your gourmet pasta sauces are some of the best I’ve ever had. Their hearty, garden fresh flavors make them taste homemade, without any of the sugary artificial flavor of most commercial sauces. They taste real because they are!”

Donna Marchetti, Editor
The Wine Buzz

“I bought one of everything you had and my husband and I loved it all. I am thrilled to see that you are doing so well with your excellent products.”

Marlisa Bannister
Former Executive Director, Ohio Dietetic Association

“I wanted to let you know that the Mediterranean Pinot Grigio is truly impressive! It is so fresh, as if made that moment in my own kitchen. I used it today on top of eggplant rolls that were lightly breaded and stuffed with ricotta so delicious!”

Betsy Colby
Hilliard, OH

“Wonderful burst of rich flavour and impressive real ingredients – I’ve never enjoyed a sauce more.”

Dr. Alison van Haeringen, pediatrician
Brisbane, Australia

“With diced tomato, you’ll have a much fresher, clean taste, as with [Vino de Milo’s Roasted Garlic Chianti]. The company uses locally grown tomatoes, which is great because that means the tomatoes have been allowed to ripen on the vine longer and have more nutrients.”

Phil Lempert

“A client of mine was concerned about processed foods for her family. I told her your sauce doesn’t contain any ingredients that I wouldn’t put in my own sauce. She was pleased and I was thrilled to have it available. Keep up the good work!”

Lisa Brisch, Personal Chef
Dover, DE

“We tried the Mediterranean Pinot Grigio. It is a fabulous sauce! We really liked the robust flavor and the big bits of tomato, artichoke, and generous amount of olives in it. We tried it with your recipe for chicken parmigiana and it was delicious.”

Joan Guthrie
Chattanooga, TN

“My mom brought us a jar of your Mediterranean Pinot Grigio Sauce. We had a jar of Emeril’s Puttanesca, so we decided to do a taste test. Yours won HANDS DOWN!!”

Sandra and Phil Azancot
Texarkana, AR

“What appear to be simple bottled sauces can actually transform your meals from everyday to gourmet. Features delicious combinations like Portobello Shiraz, the sauces are made with high-quality ingredients and wine.”

For Me Magazine
January 2006

“Here’s a salad dressing with which a little can go a long way. Made with all-natural ingredients, the Gorgonzola Pear Riesling has the bold flavors of vinegar, cheese and Dijon mustard all in one.”

Phil Lempert

“The Mediterranean Pinot Grigio, with three kinds of olives, artichoke hearts and capers, would make linoleum taste good.”

Maureen Clancy
San Diego Union-Tribune

“I let my current passion for pomegranate guide me to the pomegranate port dressing. I wasn’t disappointed. The dressing definitely gave what would have been another boring salad a big boost.”

Denise O’Neal
Asst. Food Editor, Chicago Sun-Times

“While they’re all good on traditional green salads, the dressings allow for creativity. These salad dressings are a definite step up – in flavor and price – from the usual purchased dressings.”

Robin Davis
Food Editor, Columbus Dispatch

“If you’re looking for an upscale, truly fresh taste, try the new wine-infused line from Vino de Milo Gourmet Sauces. I used the Tuscan Merlot pasta sauce on a homemade gluten-free pizza and my family raved about it.”

Carol Fenster
Author, Gluten-Free 101

“Vino de Milo includes not only wine, but an array of ingredients beyond the usual tomatoes and garlic. Created in small batches with fresh ingredients such as artichoke hearts and olives, the sauces work as well on lamb as they do on linguine.”

Drinks Magazine

“Designed to complement meat and seafood as well as pasta, the pasta sauces are sugar-free and low in sodium, with a rich flavor from assorted herbs and vegetables. The wines add a tangy, rich layer of flavor to each distinctive sauce.”

Renee Enna
Chicago Tribune

“The sauces are so good, we enjoyed eating them straight from the jar. You could pass them off as your own homemade. These are sauces that even our mother, Il Critico, would be hard-pressed to critique.”

Karen Hochman
The Nibble

“I hate to admit it, but these delicious, all-natural, wine-based sauces are as good as anything that can be prepared fresh in my kitchen. The flavors are true to the cuisines upon which they are based.”

Donna Pilato

“Cooking with wine is an excellent way to enhance flavors, and this company does the work for you. They’ve combined fresh ingredients with selected wines in these gourmet sauces not to just be used as a pasta sauce, but also for topping fish, chicken, and more.”

Phil Lempert

“We had the opportunity to try your Portobello Shiraz sauce over Chicken Cacciatore and it was out of this world. The ingredients in your sauce upgraded our meal to a gourmet feast.”

Bob & Donna Cox
Ft. Myers, FL

“I used the Mediterranean Pinot Grigio Puttanesca sauce the other night. I added a bit more Pinot, a little butter, and rock shrimp; simmered the mixture until the shrimp were cooked, and served over whole-grain linguini. My boyfriend swears I’m a genius now. Thank you!!!!! Your products can make anyone a great cook!”

Judith A. West
Athens, OH

“At exactly 6 a.m. today I twisted open our first jar of Vino de Milo Artichoke Fennel Pasta Sauce. What a wonderful aroma! A few minutes later I enjoyed my breakfast of farfalle pasta, shredded parmesan cheese and a banana strawberry smoothie. Talk about “The Perfect Breakfast” to prepare me for a trip to the gym on my first day of summer vacation!”

Gary Lippman
Oakland, California

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