artichoke parmesan with pinot grigio dressing

Outta the Box column
Denise I. O’Neal
Chicago Sun-Times
December 3, 2008


I discovered Jonathan Leal’s wine-based products several years ago and loved them at first taste. As time passes, I love them even more.
The sauces and salad dressings are sophisticated wares for the discerning palate, and they continue to evolve to a higher level of perfection.
The cleverly designed products are works of art, literally and figuratively. The company name is a play upon the famous sculpture Venus de Milo.
Leal has a knack for blending the right combination of ingredients.
The pairing of artichoke and Parmesan with Pinot Grigio is a sophisticated blend that will add a pinch of panache to your salad.
The wine flavor is subtle, and while you can taste both the artichoke and Parmesan, the flavors don’t overpower one another.
Other varieties are Roasted Garlic with Chardonnay; Sun-Dried Tomato with Merlot; Gorgonzola Pear with Riesling and Balsamic and Olive Oil with Chianti.
The dressings are available online at and locally at Nuts About Nuts, 227 S. Third, Geneva, and WineStyles No. 86, 742 E. Dundee, Palatine.

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