new products hits and misses

New Products Hits and Misses
Today Show food editor Phil Lempert – December, 2007
Taste – 25
Value – 15
Health – 11
Ingredients – 14
Preparation – 8
Appearance – 5
Packaging – 5
TOTAL – 83

Vino de Milo Roasted Garlic Chianti Pasta Sauce

When looking for a good tomato sauce for your favorite pasta dishes, one thing to look out for is whether or not the first ingredient is diced tomato or tomato paste. With diced tomato, you’ll have a much fresher, clean taste, like this sauce which also combines a touch of wine to enhance the flavor. The company uses locally grown tomatoes, which is great because that means the tomatoes have been allowed to ripen on the vine longer and have more nutrients. The price is high on this sauce, and the strangest thing is that when you open the jar and take in the aroma, the tomatoes and garlic are simply superb … but when cooking, it loses a lot of its flavor and aroma – which is probably why they suggest to “warm” the sauce versus cooking till hot.

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