matters of taste

Matters of Taste column
Maureen Clancy
San Diego Union-Tribune
July 27, 2005

Culinary masterpiece

Just a peek through the glass jar tells you that Vino de Milo Gourmet Sauces are different. The colors are brighter, the chunks are bigger, the herbs are leafier. The all-natural, wine-based sauces are as good on grilled chicken breasts and ground beef kebabs as on pasta. The Portobello Shiraz is delicious in an omelet; Spicy North African Pinot Noir is good on couscous and polenta; Mediterranean Pinot Grigio, with three kinds of olives, artichoke hearts and capers, would make linoleum taste good. The small-batch sauces are sugar-free and low in sodium. A 25-ounce jar costs $5.99; a 13-ounce jar is $3.99 at Barons Marketplaces.

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