new products hits and misses II

New Products Hits and Misses
Today Show food editor Phil Lempert – February 14, 2007
Also in The Gourmet Retailer July 2007
Taste – 28
Value – 17
Health – 12
Ingredients – 13
Appearance – 3
Packaging – 3
TOTAL – 86


Vino de Milo Gorgonzola Pear Riesling Dressing and Marinade

The Nielsen Company data shows that dollar sales of salad dressings have been slowly declining over the past four years. Does this mean people are eating less salad or making healthier decisions when it comes to the dressing they use or how much dressing they use? If the latter is the case, here’s a salad dressing with which a little can go a long way. Made with all natural ingredients, this dressing has the bold flavors of vinegar, cheese and Dijon mustard all in one, so you won’t need much. And you can also feel good about the fact that there are no added sugars in this dressing. This dressing will also work great as a marinade for chicken or added to sandwiches and wraps for an extra kick! Retails for $3.99/8-oz. bottle. Also available in Mango Lemongrass Chardonnay and Pomegranate Port.

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