new products hits and misses III

New Products Hits and Misses
Today Show food editor Phil Lempert – April 27, 2005
Also in The Gourmet Retailer July 2005

Vino de Milo Mediterranean Pinot Grigio Gourmet Sauce

The usual question is what wine to pair with your entrée. But, how about what wine to have in your entrée? Cooking with wine is an excellent way to enhance flavors, and this company does the work for you. They’ve combined fresh ingredients with selected wines in these gourmet sauces not to just be used as a pasta sauce, but also for topping fish, chicken, and more. The price is going to seem a bit high if you compare it to most pasta sauces in the supermarket. But think how much you save by not having to purchase all of those ingredients separately including the wine. Oh…and they are delicious! Retails for $8.48/25 oz. Other varieties are Bombay Cabernet, Portobello Shiraz, Tuscan Merlot, North African Pinot Noir, and North African Pinot Noir – Spicy.

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