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Off the Shelf column
Renee Enna
Chicago Tribune
September 7, 2005

Wine with your dinner?

Vino de Milo sauces from Milo’s Whole World Gourmet utilize different wines in an assortment of creative flavors. Portobello shiraz, North African pinot noir and Bombay cabernet are three of the varieties that we loved. Designed to complement meat and seafood as well as pasta, they’re sugar-free and low in sodium, with a rich flavor from assorted herbs and vegetables.

The wines add a tangy, rich layer of flavor to each distinctive sauce. A 13- to 25-ounce jar costs $5-$8 at Giselle’s and Sam’s Wines & Spirits in Chicago, and Schaefer’s wine shop in Skokie (portobello only).

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What’s your favorite Vino de Milo product?

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