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Wednesday, March 7, 2007
Robin Davis
The Columbus Dispatch

Vino de Milo Dressings and Marinades

These salad dressings are a definite step up – in flavor and price – from the usual purchased dressings.

Made in Athens, Ohio, the dressings come in three flavors: a tart pomegranate port; a sweet mango-lemongrass-chardonnay; and a creamy, pungent gorgonzola-pear-riesling. Like all of the Vino de Milo line, these products contain wine.

While they’re all good on traditional green salads, the dressings allow for creativity. Use the gorgonzola dressing as a dip for pears or tossed with fresh cooked pasta. The lemon-grass flavor would be a great marinade for chicken or topping for grilled fish. Or try mixing the pomegranate dressing with butter and using pats of it on a hamburger or steak.

For now, the dressings are available only at the Hills Market, but they can also be purchased online at

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