This is Milo’s favorite sauce! A touch of heat gives character to chunky tomatoes & fire-roasted portobellos, and a slightly spicy Shiraz wine adds brilliant flavor. Simply delicious the whole family will love!

Many Italian dressings on the market are gummy, high-fat, or contain an odd combination of dried spices & herbs. Ours is clean, crisp, tangy, and like everything else we make, our ingredient list is healthy!

creamy italian (featured)

A splash of merlot wine gives depth of flavor to our newest bruschetta topping is chock full of hearty roasted red bell peppers, tomatoes, and fresh basil that are grown from local farmers in  southern Ohio.

roasted red pepper (featured)

New! This instant classic is an incredibly versatile spread that makes easy appetizers, deep rich sauces, and unbelievably good sandwiches!

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