pasta sauces

triple olive

triple olive & artichoke puttanesca sauce

taste the mediterranean!

Legend has it the ladies of the night created this sauce in Italy from readily available fresh items: tomatoes, olives, capers, and anchovies. We think it’s just as good when the sun’s out!

vodka cream

creamy vodka parmesan pasta sauce

smooth & rich!

Fresh cream from local dairy Snowville Creamery dances with grated Parmesan cheese and locally-distilled vodka from Dancing Tree Distillery.

spicy garlic cream

spicy roasted garlic cream pasta sauce

rich & spicy!

A touch of heat creates a beautiful counterpoint for the fresh cream from local dairy Snowville Creamery and locally-distilled garlic vodka from Dancing Tree Distillery.


roasted garlic

for garlic lovers!

We love garlic! We use more than 5 tons of fresh garlic a year at Milo’s, slow-roasting it in our ovens for a deep, rich, sweet flavor. Add a generous amount of big-bodied Chianti wine, and you’ve got an amazing pasta sauce.

fire shroom

fire-roasted portobello pasta sauce

dinner with a kick!

This is Milo’s favorite sauce! A touch of heat gives character to chunky tomatoes & fire-roasted portobellos, and a slightly spicy Shiraz wine adds brilliant flavor.


fresh herb marinara

fresh and smooth!

We’ve always called this a “marinara for grownups” because of the gorgeous fresh fennel. We marry that to fresh thyme, fresh basil, and fresh parsley for an incredibly flavorful, fresh marinara with a rich Argentinean Malbec wine.


pizza sauce

pizza sauce

a pizza sauce that is awesome!

Start with a good pizza crust, spread our scratch-made sauce on top, and then cover with your favorite toppings & bake.


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