Meet Maryjane Burch

Vino de Milo wholesale sales manager

Maryjane Burch has been with Milo’s for many years and does an exceptional job of providing the best customer service you’ll experience in this business. With a background in wine sales & merchandising, she brings a strong understanding of retail and a remarkable commitment to helping your store succeed with vino de milo.

Why carry Vino de Milo in your store?

Because, like your business, our product line is unique and one of the healthiest, freshest lines of specialty foods available. Just check our nutritional statements and ingredient lists! Plus, we stand behind you 100%, with a generous sampling policy:

  • one free jar/case
  • free demo kits
  • free Point-of-Purchase (POP) materials
  • a free, full-color poster of our logo

In addition, you can run specials on our line in your store and we’ll help pay for it. Just ask for details!

Our easy, simple sampling program & free demo kit

Sampling is easy with vino de milo. For every 12-pack case you purchase through our wholesale program, you can use 1 jar free for sampling. This jar is credited back to you on your next order. We’ll even help you keep track of your credits for reorders.

We also offer a free demo kit. This includes two mini-crockpots (that you can also use for other things in your store), complete POP, and instructions on running a demo.

The demo kit is $30, but that $30 is refunded on your next order.

Free Point-of-Purchase information

We have available the following; to get any of these items for any of our lines FREE for your store, simply e-mail or call us at 866-589-6456.

  • Shelf talkers
  • Recipe sheets
  • Instructions on how to run an active/passive demo
  • Vino de Milo poster
Wholesale Ordering

To order, simply call us at 866-589-6456, e-mail us at sales@vinodemilo.com, or use one of online wholesale partners:

Wholesale Gourmet
Buyer’s Best Friend

Current specials and pricing

To get current pricing and specials, please e-mail Maryjane. We’ll be glad to get you a current order form, current specials, and other information about vino de milo.

When contacting us, please make sure to include: store name, address, and phone number.

Wholesale pallet program get lower prices and free freight!

If you have the ability to move some volume (as few as 35 cases mixed between lines), you can get a discounted price and free freight on your order. More information is available on request.

You can combine cases from JB’s Best with Vino de Milo to reach minimums for specials.

Contact is easy

You can e-mail maryjane@vinodemilo.com or sales@vinodemilo.com, or simply phone (866) 589-milo (6456).

Note: When contacting us, please make sure to include: store name, address, and phone number.

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